Maggie Li

Maggie Li was inspired to become a real estate agent because of her mom’s interest in buying investment properties. She began her real estate career by doing rentals for international students in Boston. Before entering real estate, Maggie worked as an analyst and marketing director. She advises new agents to be vocal about their career in order to let the whole world know about it.

The Best Partner to a Find New House

Maggie’s key to success is following up with clients and setting up boundaries. She believes the most important qualities for success as a real estate agent are good morals, patience, and a good temper. Maggie learned how to manage her frustration and find alternatives to solve issues. Maggie is an active learner who stays up-to-date with industry trends and regulations. She believes that building up an online presence is essential for real estate business nowadays.

Zillow 5 ⭐ Reviews

  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Maggie is a true professional. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made to choose to work with her. I appreciate all her help and honest advice throughout the purchase process. She was incredibly responsive and knowledgable of the Waltham market. We discovered a potential water leakage issue just a few days before closing. Maggie reached out to the seller immediately and managed to negotiate a plan. We wouldn't have been able to close on time without these efforts she has put in. I can't even recommend her highly enough!

    Valerie Xiang
    June 22, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Maggie helped us on our Boston condo purchase and we are very happy with her service. She is an excellent realtor with good understanding of Boston real estate market. Maggie provided very detailed and useful local information to help us in our searching for Boston home. Maggie is also very responsive and patient. It was a great experience working with Maggie.

    February 28, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Maggie helped me find a good house. She drove me to various sites for my property tours. She responded to all my text and WhatsApp messages. She even bought me gifts and took me out for lunch after the closing of my house. She is the best!

    buvaneshwaran t
    December 17, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  I highly recommend going with Maggie when purchasing your home. As first time home buyers who have also never been to MA, the expertise that Maggie provided was invaluable. She is great at estimating the value of a home for making competitive offers, which is absolutely essential in the current market. We landed an accepted offer on the second offer we made, greatly reducing what would have otherwise been a long and tiresome process. She is also well connected in the area, and was able to recommend both a lender with competitive rates and a skilled buyer's attorney. All of that on top of being responsive to all of my communications, available to tour the weekend after I contacted her, and a pleasure to work with makes this an easy 5-star review.

    February 22, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Maggie is an amazing agent. He was very responsive, extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with. She will make it happen with the best terms possible for you. I worked with many agents over the course of two years and none of them were able to close on a property I liked. But finding Maggie changed it and after a few tries we were able to find the right house and close it with really great terms. She will be always there for your to answer your questions patiently and wisely even if you have aillion of them! She will put you in contact withe the right kind of people, lenders, attorneys,... Who are best at what they do and would make even impossible situations work for you. Maggie is a very energetic lovely, kind and honest agent who knows what it takes to buy and manage a house. Buying a house is a stressful endeavor with a lot of perils on the way, but a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless. You couldn't ask for a better person to be by your side than Maggie on this journey. Don't even think about it. Hire her and when you get the keys to your new house, you have yourself, Maggie and me to thank for it! Good luck everyone!

    bahman farzi
    October 15, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  I recently purchesed a home with the help of Maggie. I'm so impressive that Maggie gave us very useful advises and went every details in the whole purchase process. She is always willing to answer any questions we have even if in the late night. We are greatly appreciate Maggie's help to find our dream home and looking forward to work her again in the future! If you are a home buyer, Maggie is the right agent you are looking for!

    April 4, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Very patient, punctuate and experienced real state agent. Driving me everywhere during house searching. Helping me contact multiple point of contacts and explained to me patiently.

    November 27, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  I found Maggie through online agent search. After interviewing quite a few I chose her due to her customer oriented mindset and all the details she prepared/presented. Through the home search process, I am also very impressed about her professional service and she helped a lot in many aspects. Overall it has been a very pleasant experience working with Maggie to land on our first home. Recommended!

    August 27, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Maggie was an excellent realtor! As a first-time home buyer, she walked us through the whole process. We tried to put a few offers but we were not able to win the bidding war due to the hot market. Maggie was very patient and never pushed us. She knows our needs and always reminded us not to get lost in the search. Sometimes we would find a house that didn’t really fit our needs. Maggie would analyze the pros and cons to make sure that we made the right decision. In addition to that, Maggie is well connected in the real estate industry. She introduced us a contractor before the closing so we could start the renovation right away after the seller moves out. If I could do this whole experience again, without a doubt Maggie will be the person I will call. Highly recommend! You won’t regret it!

    May 26, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Maggie was the best realtor we could have asked for. We are first-time homebuyers and started our home search with Maggie more than a year before we landed our place. The market was highly competitive at the beginning of our search, but Maggie never pressured us to bid outside of our comfort zone or at unreasonable price levels. Her patience and concern for our best interests made her stand out as someone we would want to work with again in the future. She always responds quickly to our questions and concerns. In addition to the ease of working with Maggie, she is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional in the real estate domain. She maintains a large network of attorneys, mortgage brokers, and contractors to make the homebuying process much smoother. Whenever we asked Maggie a question or had issues with the transaction, she always provided an answer or resolved it in a timely manner. We highly recommend working with Maggie as your realtor, especially if you are a first-time buyer like us. Thank you so much Maggie for your hard work and professionalism in helping us buy our first home!

    Michael Pan
    January 19, 2023

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